Fiksem IT training and consultancy

As a company do you want to keep the storage and backup working efficiently and in effectively? And also want to know the latest techniques? Do you think it is important to invest in the knowledge of the employees? Please contact Fiksem IT for training and consultancy.

In other words: difficult dilemmas. After all, you are convinced that the processes are organized efficiently. But still… you have the feeling that things can be done even better. Investing in employees and in processes costs money.

But does that also yield something?

As a company you want to invest in the right IT training, but only in training that really makes sense. You want to invest in people and material in order to achieve the best result. A training provides both professional and motivated employees.

Looking for tailor-made training courses that match the customers wishes and suit your company? A training in which the employees are central and practical oriented?

Then Fiksem IT can help with training. We offer training with practical examples and useful tips!

Call or email me for an appointment and we will look into the requirements to take the knowledge of the employees to a higher level in a customized training!

Welcome to Fiksem IT training and consultancy

Henk Fikke, certified Commvault trainer and consultant. In the future, AWS and NetApp will also be added.
Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy




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Why choose Fiksem IT training and consultancy?

Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy

Fiksem IT is known as a technology leader in Commvault

Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy

the services of Fiksem IT are offered both on-site and remote and throughout Europe

Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy

Fiksem IT also offers tailor-made solutions based on the wishes of the customer 

So are you looking for customized IT training and/or consultancy?

Customers of Fiksem IT

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