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Tailor-made training

Fiksem IT works with certified IT specialists with knowledge and practical experience. Fiksem IT goes for customization. This can result in an in-company training, but also a training at a training location in Europe and the Middle East. The language is English, if necessary a training can be given in Dutch.

Q1 2021

Q1 2021


Do you as a company want to optimally configure the data management environment? And also that it is easy to maintain? Do you want to know if there are more options?

Difficult questions. After all, you want the data management environment to be optimally configured. Sometimes you need that expert look.

What does hiring a consultant yield for your Commvault environment?

A maximally optimized Commvault environment. Of course, customer requirements are crucial. Together with your employees I do a health check and look at the possibilities. From my knowledge and experience I will look at where and with what possibilities the data management environment can be taken to a higher level.

Consultancy is and remains tailor-made. Access to the systems is necessary to provide sound advice. In good consultation with the builder of the data management environment, I draw up my advice on optimizing your data management environment. And focused on your wishes and possibilities.

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