Why Fiksem IT?

Waarom Fiksem IT ? Processen moeten steeds efficiënter en flexibeler. IT-innovaties volgen elkaar steeds sneller op. Daardoor heeft ieder bedrijf zijn eigen IT-vragen en wensen. Voor bedrijven is het belangrijk om professionele medewerkers te hebben die kennis hebben van de nieuwste technieken en methodieken.

Sometimes it is necessary to call in an expert to see whether improvements can be made in the data management environment. Our experts, together with their own specialists, look for solutions and improvements. The IT specialists at Fiksem IT are happy to share their knowledge and experiences in order to achieve the optimal result.

Technology leader

  • Fiksem IT is known as a technology leader in Commvault Commvault
  • We are forward looking
  • We work from a vision, aimed at optimizing the data management environment
  • Our trainers and consultants are empathetic and open to communication
Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy

Tailor-made solutions

  • Fiksem IT offers tailor-made solutions based on years of experience
  • The customer's wishes form the basis of the solutions
  • We deliver exactly what you need

Based on the requirements of the customer 

  • Fiksem IT only works with professional and flexible trainers who have a thorough knowledge of the matter
  • Our trainers are customer-oriented and inspire the students
  • We have practical knowledge and incorporate the practical examples into the training courses
Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy
Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy

On-site or remote

  • All our services are offered throughout Europe
  • Training is offered both on-site and remotely
  • With on-site training you can use your own environment
  • Remote training uses remote lab setups

Development of material

  • Fiksem IT can contribute to the creation and development of training material
  • We can help write installation documentation and disaster recovery plans
Fiksem IT trainingen en consultancy


  • Always looking for the highest possible and focused on finding solutions
  • Focus on the interests of the customer
  • Expert sparring partner, where looking for the possibilities and solutions together is the starting point
  • Optimization of your data management environment

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